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Luxurious hot towel(Bath towel)Ark

Electric heating steam towel ark

Hotel practical multi-function units

Far infrared ray disinfection cabinet

Car far infrared ray disinfection cabinet

Front-loading washing of cups and dishwasherEcostar530FM

Bell type dishwasherDV80T

Car hot air circulation disinfection cabinet

The enterprise culture

Business philosophy:
Strive for perfection,Environmental protection and energy saving

The purpose of the enterprise:
Research and development of the collective、Production、The installation

Certificate of honor

Yonghe kitchen equipment co., LTD

Zhuhai yong river kitchen equipment co., LTD,Ten years focused on the hotel、The dining room、Kitchen design、Custom、The installation、Maintenance。The company sales all kinds of kitchen equipment,Energy conservation and environmental protection、Lampblack purification、Ventilation pipe engineering, integration of professional engineering company in the kitchen。Zhuhai hengqin new area yong river kitchen equipment co., LTD,Will continue adhering to the production of excellent quality,Build a concept of green environmental protection and energy saving kitchen equipment,An unyielding、Dedication and the spirit of innovation。Through effective solutions to help customers implement standardized production kitchen,Reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions,Create the best social and economic benefits。Hope to cooperate with you,To create green kitchen bright tomorrow together。

The enterprise culture
Certificate of honor

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Research and development design、Production、The installation、Maintenance and repair, and environmental protection equipment、Lampblack purification equipment、Ventilation pipe is equal to a body specialized kitchen engineering co., LTD

Energy saving“The stove”The new initiative cooking skills New business to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, To accelerate the process of new kitchen stove instead。
Yong river in science and technology to promote low carbon catering Development of green energy saving and emission reduction
Yong river kitchen utensils and successful cases show
Ambry industry after-sales service into a new focus